Expansion to 50 million vials per year

We are building a brand-new fully automated production line with a total annual production capacity of up to 50 million vials per year. On this special website you can follow us as regular updates during the construction will be shared with you. We invite you to stay tuned.

Building a ‘room for perfection’: our cleanrooms by CCG

Cleanrooms are highly qualified rooms that are utilized in specialized industrial production processes such as the manufacture of pharmaceutical sterile products. Cleanrooms are designed to maintain extremely low levels of particulates such as dust, airborne organisms...

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One-off access to our new production line for press

The realization of our new production line is a special project, not only to us at BioConnection, but also because the enhanced capacity is a huge contribution to the thin worldwide production capacity of sterile drug products. Usually, strict restrictions are in...

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The heart of our new production line arrived

Finally, the heart of our new production line was delivered. The 20 meters long fill & finish line made by Groninger arrived on Monday, June 22 in Oss on several huge trucks straight from Germany. The heavy machine was successfully lifted into our facility. The...

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The eagle has landed: new freeze dryer successfully delivered

Tuesday, May 12, was an exciting moment in realizing our new manufacturing line: the freeze dryer was delivered by Hof. The precious, 12-ton machine had to be lifted three floors high to be placed in our new production area. A precise operation, as there was a safety...

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