Cleanrooms are highly qualified rooms that are utilized in specialized industrial production processes such as the manufacture of pharmaceutical sterile products. Cleanrooms are designed to maintain extremely low levels of particulates such as dust, airborne organisms and/or vaporized particles. Cleanrooms typically have a cleanliness level (e.g. ranging from grade A to D) that is defined by the number of particles per cubic meter.

Cleanroom example

Example of a cleanroom built by Cleanroom Combination Group (not @ BioConnection)

Cleanroom Combination Group (CCG) is a Dutch company (Bergeijk, The Netherlands) that has been building cleanrooms, classified areas, and high containment labs in the pharma, biotech, hospital, and high-tech industry since 1987.
In fact, in 2005, they already built the cleanrooms for our existing 50L production line. Since then BioConnection and the service department of Cleanroom Combination Group work closely together for annual maintenance.

Cleanrooms for our new production line

For our new large scale production line, the Cleanroom Combination Group was awarded the engineering and construction of the various cleanrooms. They provided us with detailed advice during the design and construction phase. The cooperation with the Cleanroom Combination Group also includes a long term service and annual maintenance agreement.

Part of this fit-for-purpose project at BioConnection are the specially designed stainless steel pass-through cabinets with a constant airflow which are integrated into the Trespa cleanroom walls. The doors of the cabinets are provided with air slots and there is a ventilation grille in the ceiling of each of the cabinets.

The construction of the cleanrooms is completed within schedule. This is quite a remarkable achievement given the Covid-19 pandemic. The success is due to good communication and cooperation between all parties involved in the construction of our new production line such as HOF, Groninger, Getinge Group, Kropman, Cleanroom Combination Group, and the project team of BioConnection.

The construction of our new production line is spot-on-track and we expect (as planned) to produce the first GMP batches for our customers as of April next year. With our new production line, we can accommodate customers that require production at a scale of up to 1,000L for liquid products and a fully automated 10 m² freeze drier for freeze-dried products.

Want to find out more? Download the specifications of our new production line.