After writing several stories about it, teasing you with details and some photos here and there, we can already show you our production line in operation. Still not the actual, live situation, because we are still finalizing the construction, but this animated artist video gives you a good impression of what we will be able to do once the production line is finished.

The video has been made by Fraxinorum, a 3D animation studio in The Netherlands. It is based on the actual 3D drawings of our equipment from the manufacturer’s Groninger GmbH and HOF Sonderanlagenbau GmbH.

It took Fraxinorum a lot of computer power (a “render farm” as they call it) to produce this video. During nine days, 10 PC’s (each with i7 and i9 processors and 24-32 GB Ram memory) continuously worked to make the final rendered animation. The result is indeed awesome and equal to real-life operation.

Turn on the music for an even better experience!

The construction of our new 250L-500L production line is spot-on track and we expect to produce the first commercial GMP batches as of April 2021. For inquiries, feel free to contact us.