The Covid-19 pandemic brought some extra challenges to realizing our complex construction project, mostly due to new planning ingenuities to live up to the 1,5-meter safety distance. However, we are happy to announce the construction of the new production line is on track. In this blog, we’ll shine a light on our cooperation with Kropman Contamination Control, who are building our cleanrooms.

Why Kropman Contamination Control is selected by us to build our cleanrooms

BioConnection selected Kropman Contamination Control (KCC) to support us with their cleanroom technology in the construction of our new 250L production line. KCC is not new for BioConnection as they already delivered three different cleanrooms (grade B, C and D) in 2017 and 2018. These works were all completed successfully, in-time, and in good collaboration with BioConnection. It was, therefore, a logical decision to have KCC again as the partner of choice for our new production line.

Who is Kropman Contamination Control

KCC (Nijmegen, The Netherlands) is an independently operating business unit within Kropman Installatietechniek which was founded in 1934, with 900 employees working in 14 different locations across The Netherlands. The business unit KCC is specialized in the design, construction, commissioning and qualification of cleanrooms and laboratories, as well as in-process and skid-mounted installations for pharmaceutical production. KCC is an all-round partner in cleanroom technology offering integral solutions.

Work in progress at BioConnection by Kropman Contamination Control

The involvement of KCC in the construction of our new production line ranges from conceptual engineering to commissioning and qualification. Beginning of 2019 the conceptual design was established, the basic design followed mid-2019, and the detailed design by the end of 2019. The construction on-site in the facility of BioConnection started in January 2020. The construction scope of KCC includes the mechanical installations (HVAC, black and clean utilities), the electrical installations, and the Building Monitoring System.

Complex projects such as this require good planning, coordination, and staged working according to a clean build protocol. As the new production line is implemented within an existing and operational GMP facility a lot of effort is going into controlled transitions and minimal downtime for planned GMP productions. In addition, the current Covid-19 pandemic required extraordinary planning ingenuity to live up to the 1,5-meter minimal safety distance.

Until now, despite the 1,5-meter distance restrictions, the project is on schedule as a result of the good collaboration of all parties involved such as among others the Cleanroom Combination Group for civil construction work of the cleanrooms.
We are happy to cooperate with Kropman Contamination Control (KCC) on our new production line. The teamwork and their spirit are excellent.

Our new production line is expected to be ready for GMP productions from April 2021 onwards. For inquiries, please contact us directly at