In the world of builders, it is a common practice to celebrate certain milestones. And who are we to break with this tradition! After months of intensive preparations and planning, it was time to raise the glass to an important achievement: the official start of the construction work inside our facility.

Construction work in our facility has started

On January 6th, the actual construction work in our facility started. A major milestone. Just imagine the many hours of planning and preparing before this day actually came.
The work on-site includes the building of cleanrooms and technical installations that are necessary for our new high-speed aseptic vial fill and finish line including freeze-dryer.
Once this is completed, the facility is ready to receive the fill and finish line and freeze-dry machine, which are currently being built in Germany.

Here you can read what decisions played a role in selecting the right partner for our new fill and finish line.
Or you might be interested in the story about the new freeze-dryer.

Tradition: celebrate the milestone

According to tradition, on January 16, we celebrated the official start of the construction work in our facility with the building team for cleanrooms and corresponding technical installations.
This building team consists of around 25 people (designers and engineers) and involves companies such as Kropman, for the technical installations, and Cleanroom Combination Group, for the cleanrooms.

We will be recording the progress of the construction with time-lapse cameras, so stay tuned for regular updates.