Recently, we have shared several stories about our expansion, updating you about investors, equipment, and collaborations. But there is another important part of this expansion project we need to highlight: our staff! It is time to put a spotlight on the people who drive this innovation. Meet Marco Jaspers, Director of Program Management & Business Development at BioConnection. Read on to find out how he is experiencing this challenging project.

– What is your position?

I am head of Business Development and Program Management. Both teams are responsible for acquiring new projects to manufacture drug products on our lines and subsequently delivering these projects on time and according to expectations. We meet new clients by visiting events and fairs, via our website and via the word of mouth of satisfied clients.

– What is or will be your role in the expansion with a new production line?

The focus of my teams is to acquire and execute new client projects on our existing manufacturing lines. As such my direct interference with the upcoming expansion is limited. Being part of the Management Team I am constantly updated about the construction process though. I am really looking forward to the new manufacturing line as it also provides an excellent opportunity for our existing clients who now have their production on our current 50L line to shift to our new commercial-scale production line under the roof of the same CMO. Besides we will be able to serve new clients that are requesting larger clinical trial and commercial-scale batches.

– What are you looking forward to most?

There are of course several milestones during the construction process. For me, the most rewarding one would be the moment we have the first GMP production running for a client. That is an important measure because it means we have established a working fill and finish line that meets all kinds of GMP criteria and is officially approved by the responsible health authorities.

– What is most important to you about the project?

A pivotal part of the project is timing: we work hard to have the new production line up and running on time, without delay. It is important that we meet the schedule and that we can start GMP production in April 2021, so that we can provide our (new) clients with timely productions.

– What added value do you think BioConnection will gain from the expansion?

The expansion allows us to produce on a larger scale for clinical customers and for commercial customers. This means we will soon have the opportunity to grow with our customers. Now, most companies approach us to produce their new drug product so they can start their clinical trials. If the medicine works and it gets approved, it is ready for the market and we can then scale up the production.
With the expansion of our capacity, we have more possibilities to scale up and therefore have longer collaborations with our clients. Our customers benefit from this: they do not have to switch to another CMO, a process that is time-consuming and costly. Therefore, it is a win-win situation, an added value for both BioConnection and our customers.

– What will be the biggest challenge for you personally?

It is exciting that the Business Development and Program Management teams will acquire new and interesting projects for the new manufacturing line and bring them to a good end. That will be a team effort. I am quite confident that we can do the job based upon our solid reputation in GMP manufacturing and the current demand for production CMO capacity. This also means leading the team in this direction, making it a personal challenge which I gladly accept.

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