To make room for our new 250L production line, the existing weighing chamber in our facility was replaced to a new cleanroom. This week, the new weighing chamber was put into operation to fuel the current productions on our existing 50L production line. Next year, the new weighing chamber will also fuel the productions on our new 250L production line.

Accuracy is what counts

In a weighing chamber, the exact quantity of active ingredients and required excipients that are needed for the production of a batch of a drug is weighed. The exact quantity of active ingredients of a medicament is naturally of major importance. But we can’t forget about the equally important excipients. Excipients may influence (for example) the long term stabilization, the absorption, the viscosity or the solubility of a medicament. Measuring the exact quantities is therefore very important.

Another milestone achieved

Installing the new weighing chamber is a milestone in our expansion program in building a new production line that can process up to 160 batches per year with an annual output of 12 million vials.

The new production line, suited for commercial-scale productions as well as larger-scale clinical trial batches, is expected to be ready for GMP productions from April 2021. On this new production line, we can handle batch sizes ranging from 50L up to 250L per batch.
We will regularly update this website with news about the building process, so stay tuned.

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