Finally, the heart of our new production line was delivered. The 20 meters long fill & finish line made by Groninger arrived on Monday, June 22 in Oss on several huge trucks straight from Germany. The heavy machine was successfully lifted into our facility. The lifting operation lasted three days as several long and heavy components (the vial depyrogenisation oven alone weighs already a robust 5000 KG) had to be lifted to the third floor in our facility.

Here you can read more details about the new aseptic fill and finish line by Groninger.

The pictures below give you an impression of the operation.

Arrival of trucks from Germany.

Vial depyrogenisation oven in the air.

Vial depyrogenisation oven safely landed on the third floor.

Vial filling station in the air.

Vial filling station safely landed on the third floor.

With the arrival of the filling line, all parts of our new production line are now safely inside our facility. In the coming months, all single parts will be connected to one complete production line a process that will last until Medio-September. Hereinafter, the qualification and validation processes will start. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the planning of the construction of our new production line is spot-on track and we expect (as planned) to produce the first GMP batches for our customers as of April next year.

With our new production line, we can accommodate customers with production at a scale of 250L- 500L, an automated freeze dryer of 10 m² and an annual output of around 40-50 million vials (example for a 2 RDIN vial, liquid fill on a per campaign basis).